World Fight Jury

The World Fight Jury (WFJ) is global union of fight-fans and fighters who judge professional boxing matches. After centuries of corrupt and inept judges robbing fighters and fans of deserved victories and gratification… the WFJ was founded. We certify winners of current, and past classic fights. 

Our judges are certified after passing a detailed boxing knowledge exam. Choosing the winner of a fight has many layers and can be open to profound interpretation. The standard practice of using only 3 judges provides too small a sample size. Our strength is in numbers. WFJ records the decisions of ten thousand (and rising) certified judges per bout – giving an accurate reflection of what the majority thinks. Fighters put their lives on the line, so each winner deserves to be rightly determined. WFJ has become the true authority in fight judging and crowning unofficial champions across the globe.


Who really won: Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. (2020)

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